Invitation for Applications for a Free Online Course Being Offered by Engineers Canada



WFEO Member Message to Their Registered Engineers


Hello Members!


We are contacting you to make you aware of an exciting and free professional development opportunity!


Engineers Canada, a national member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), has partnered with Polytechnique Montréal to offer a free online course to engineers worldwide that demonstrates the practical application of the principles included in the WFEO's Code of Practice for Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship.


Registration for the fourth offering of Sustainability in Practice is now open. Offered for the first time in Fall 2018, the course has had participation from close to 4,600 people from over 40 countries over its first three offerings.


Registration is open until April 20, 2020. The course began on March 18, 2020, with the availability od the first of four course modules. It can be completed at each participant’s own pace. Participants must complete the course by May 15, 2020. An optional Certificate of Completion is available following successful completion of the course at a cost of $75 CAN.


WFEO President, Prof. Gong Ke (China) states, “Engineers have a critical role to play in helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and a more sustainable future for all. The WFEO's Code of Practice for Sustainable Development and Environmental Stewardship is key to standardizing the engineering approach to climate challenges and providing principles that guide engineers in their everyday work.


The course demonstrates the practical application of these sustainable development and environmental stewardship principles. Sustainability in Practice is a course that is available to all at no charge, and I highly encourage the world’s more than 30 million engineers to take advantage of this professional development opportunity that will help them integrate these important principles into their practice. An overwhelming majority of the more than 4,600 people around the world who have already taken this course have attested to its quality and usefulness.


Sustainability in Practice is available in English and French. Register here: