Functions of ECZ


  • To consider and administer applications for registrations;
  • To maintain the Register of Engineers and Technicians;
  • To issue practising certificates to registered persons and to cancel or suspend such certificates;
  • To ensure that constituent bodies have adequate procedures to enforce ethical practice and discipline among Engineers and Technicians registered under the Engineering Council Act;
  • To encourage cooperation between constituent bodies in matters of common interest;
  • To take such steps as appear to Council to be necessary or desirable to advance the standing and effectiveness of the engineering profession in Zimbabwe;
  • To promote the view of the engineering profession on national, regional and international issues;
  • To evaluate, monitor and uphold the standards of qualifying criteria or examinations, courses and training set or offered by constituent bodies;
  • To encourage manpower development to meet the requirements of the engineering profession in Zimbabwe
  • To provide for the accreditation of college-based courses.