ECZ Commitees




Finance and Administration

  • To prepare the organizational structure for the ECZ in accordance with Section 8 of the Act.
  • To formulate the fee structures of the ECZ (section 9)
  • To oversee the preparation of  budgets and long term financial plans
  • To oversee borrowing and investment activities, contracting policies, of the ECZ
  • To oversee financial reporting and other administration policies.
  • Accreditation of ECZ programs.

Eng G. Magombo - Chairperson

Eng H. Hungwe

Eng D. Z. Mareya

Eng B. Mugabe




  •  Accreditation of Qualifications
  • Development of Standards and Benchmarking
  • Training and development
  • Signatory of World Accreditation Boards such as Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, etc.


Eng B. Mugabe – Chairman

Eng Q.C. Kanhukamwe

Eng I. Mupotsa 

Eng B. Musarurwa 

Corporate Affairs

  • Legal and statutory compliance
  • Custodians of the Act and its provisions
  • Enforcement of the Act and Statutory Instruments
  • Review of the Act and Statutory Instruments.
  • Setting levels of levies and penalties and reviews thereof.

Eng P. Morris - Chairman

Eng G. Magombo 

Eng T. K. Chinyanga

Mrs L. Chimoga 



  •  Processing of Membership applications for individuals and firms
  • Registration and issuing of practicing certificates
  • Setting of qualifying criteria for both individuals and firms
  • Suspension and or deregistration of membership as necessary
  • Establishment of co-operation agreements with other sister Councils and regulatory boards in the region and internationally.
  • Assessing and accreditation of C.P.D and other courses offered by Constituent bodies

Eng B Musarurwa – Chairman

Eng I. Mupotsa 

Eng P. Morris 

Eng Dr M.J. Tumbare

Mrs W. Waniwa